{Illustrate Your Life} 8.25.16

I haven’t lived in an apartment for 10 years! Coen was just a baby and I remember profusely apologizing to our neighbors for the nightly cry-fest that went on in our apartment. I was SO relieved to not have to worry…
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{Illustrate Your Life} 8.15.16

These times, they are ‘a changin! Ooooh boy. [I decided to do a little series (yes, I realize that statement is usually the kiss of death for me in terms of actually DOING IT, but gotta at least try, right?)…
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7 in 1 DIY Bohemian Headwrap

Hi Guys! You are about to hit the headband PAYLOAD!!! 7 different headband variations on one yard of fabric! I’ve been absolutely living in head wraps lately…perfect for working out or just for putting your hair up in a bun and…
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{Quilt} Hip to be Square

  Hey Guys! Been a bit quiet around here, I know! I’ve been sewing my little fingers off and posting lots on Instagram…so come follow me over there if you want more pics! I made this quilt the other day and…
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{Quilt} Farmer’s Wife Quilt

I’ve been seeing some really gorgeous little quilt blocks around Instagram lately and finally figured out they are coming from a couple of Quilt-a-long groups that are making the Farmer’s Wife quilt from this book. I’ve been wanting to try…
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{Shop} Mini Quilt

Hey guys! Wow. It’s been awhile since I was last here! Call it Winter doldrums I guess but life’s been a bit more hectic than I like it recently which has required extra self-care and self-love. Sometimes you just have…
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{Shop} 16 Patch Quilt

Awhile ago I bought a box of Cotton and Steel fat quarters from at an insanely low price (I think they were 50% off!). I’m not really into matchy-matchy quilts that use only one line of fabric, but the…
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{Shop} Bohemian/Aztec Quilt

Ahhhh, this arrow fabric!! So good. This is a fun little baby quilt that would be perfect for a modern babe! It features a nice range of blues but also has a few pink elements that don’t overwhelm. I would…
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{Shop} Improve Stash Buster Quilt

Last weekend I got the urge to do some improve quilting, which is something I’ve never actually done before! Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a type A personality at ALL, I guess I am a bit more of a…
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Sweet November Shawl

{Make It Wear It} Sweet November Knit Shawl

  One of my goals for the year is to increase the percentage of handmade items in my wardrobe. Another goals is to knit more…so this shawl fits both of those goals, yay! I came across SpiderWoman Knits version of…
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{Fabric} New Cheater Quilt Prints

What is a cheater quilt print you ask? Not everybody likes to spend time cutting out tiny bits of fabric and then sewing them back together and so the cheater quilt print was born. This is a print of 4…
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{Shop} To Sleep Perchance To Dream

Hey Guys! I’m baaaaaack! I spent all of yesterday creating tax spreadsheets like a mad woman and while I’m happy that it’s done I was bummed I couldn’t get any actual sewing or drawing in on my first day back at…
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wild rumpus_web

{Design} Kids Poster Series

You probably have realized by now that I am a huge fan of clean, simple, minimalistic and often monochromatic artwork. Now a lot of that has to do with the fact that I am not the worlds most experienced “drawer” (for…
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{Calendar} January 2016

Have you notice the snow falling on my blog….wait for it…wait for it? Isn’t it cute! Just so happens to fit with next month’s calendar, too! The first calendar page for 2016! Hope you like it! You can download here to…
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