{Handmade Home} Brushstrokes Quilt

Brushstroke Quilt

I finally had a moment to take some pictures of my finished wall hanging and thought I’d give you the run down of how I made it! As you may know we recently bought a new house that is about 3 times the size of our old one (that makes it sounds like our house is gigantic, however I assure you our old house was teeny so our new one is very moderately sized!). We really liked the idea of making a lot of the art and furnishings for our new home, which means it is coming together slower than it would be if we just bought new stuff (there was plenty of that too though!) but I am loving infusing our home with items made from our own hands!

On to this wall hanging! I knew I wanted some kind of textile art for the living room wall…I love how the texture of cloth really warms a space up. However I didn’t want it to be too  distracting or feel like it was looming over the room. I really wanted it to sort of blend in a bit actually. Our living room has a bit of a modern bohemian feel to it…lots of black and white and a big bright rug so I went with a neutral color scheme for this…a unbleached muslin which I love because it’s warm and has tiny dark flecks (I tried to get a good pic of it below, but it is still a bit hard to see)  The color also really blends with our wall color. The black is my favorite Kona in Pepper which is an off-black.

Brushstroke Quilt

Brushstroke Quilt

To plan the size I wanted I taped the wall, eyeballing the size until I liked it…making sure to take picture of the room at different angles (with the wall still taped) to visualize how it would look.

Once I had the idea of the design in my head, I went ahead and painted it to find the spacing I wanted…and then planned the actual construction of the quilt.

Brushstroke Quilt

It took me a row of piecing before I decided on the amount of variation I wanted between the brush strokes. I left the back raw…no batting because I wasn’t planning on quilting it anyway. I seriously might make a piece someday that is reversed with the raw back on display…I love that look!

Brushstroke Quilt

My husband built me a simple frame using 2×2 wood (which he tells me is actually 1.5″ x 1.5″, confusing much?!) with the corners braced at a 45 degree angle on opposite sides. You could use thinner wood of course…we just couldn’t find any really straight pieces in the 1×1 wood. Then we laid the quilt face-down and the frame on top and stapled the quilt to the back of the frame with a staple gun stretching like you would when you tape a quilt back to bast it (starting in the middle of one side, then opposite side…and working your way out, LEAVING AT LEAST 6″ from the corner free to fold later. You don’t need it to be super tight however…just pull enough to get rid of any sagging. You can staple to the inside of the frame, which is a nicer finish, but I was too lazy to add another border to mine and didn’t have enough fabric to wrap all the way around.

Brushstroke Quilt

Fold the corners like so, one side flat all the way to the corner edge and the tucking the remainder under so the folded edge lines up with the corner edge…and then staple in place. (You may have to click on this photo to be directed to Flickr to see the video).

Stretched Quilt Corner Fold

The corners should be nice and tidy.

Brushstroke Quilt

That’s it! You can trim away the excess fabric if you wish to make the back neater. If you end up stretching your own quilt I would love to see pics!! 🙂 Such a fun project to enjoy a quilt in a totally different way!

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  1. melanie

    what a great living room! and I love the wall art quilt. 🙂


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