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"Handmade" apparel labels

"Handmade" apparel labels

"Handmade" apparel labels

Now that I have a fair number of handmade garments in my wardrobe I needed a way to remember which are machine washable or hand-wash only and which could be thrown in the dryer or should be laid flat…also…which size of the garment I made for future reference….enter these cute little tags! I had a lot of fun designing these little tags one night when I should have been sleeping 🙂 .

Design Features:

  • These are set up to print on a 45 degree angle so no hemming is required! Cutting along a 45 degree angle will ensure your tags will only fray minimally! (The first photo is after a gentle machine wash and dry). Each different fabric will fray a little differently, but most of the Spoonflower fabric options should work great. I wouldn’t suggest the basic cotton or Kona however! You can also use fray check along the edges of you really want to keep them extra tidy.
  • The cut lines are aligned in the print so you can whip through cutting these with your rotary cutter or of course just cut them as needed with regular scissors.
  • I test printed using Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra,  Cotton Poplin Ultra, and Satin and those all worked great…the cotton poplin did need a touch of an iron after washing though. I pulled the Sateen and Satin ones from the dryer pretty quickly and those retained their shape really well but I would probably fray check the satin in the future. I bet the jersey option would work really well too!
  • Printing on a 58″ wide fabric will yield you 77 tags!! Wowza!
  • Use an extra-fine point permanent marker to write in the size (S, M, L or 6, 8, 10 etc) and then just fill in the bubble for the care instructions. I recommend doing this before you fold in half so there is no leaking through to the “Handmade” side.
  • The width is 1.25″ and 3″-3.5″ long (depending on seam allowance). There is room for 1/2″ seam allowance max. If you are using a narrower seam allowance just fold in half and cut the excess seam allowance from the top (where the seam will be).

I will be adding these to my Etsy Shop as well in smaller quantities, maybe 20 count? I’ll update this post when I do!


  1. Friederike

    That’s certainly a great idea and lovely design. I usually cut labels out of RTW fabric and therefor haven’t bothered with tags in my selfmade garments so far. But I guess using a high quality, soft fabric with raw edges won’t itch, in contrast to the RTW ones. Good reasons to give them a try, but I guess I’ll wait for the Etsy listing, 70 tags are rather a lot… 😉

    1. Kirsten Geyer (Post author)

      Haha! Yes, 70 is quite a lot, lol! I’ve ordered a swatch in jersey which I hope will be very soft and work well, I will let you know! 🙂


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