{Make It Wear It} Linen Neckerchief

I had fully intended for this to be a natural dye project but it didn’t quite work out that way. My beet dye experiment was a complete failure (I mean…I accidentally stain things with beet juice all the time so I didn’t think it would be THAT complicated!)…ah well. Guess I should have read the 2 (!!!) natural dye books I have from the library before trying it.

I used a yard of super nice handkerchief linen for this neckerchief (I can’t remember where I got this, it was years ago now)…it’s so soft and light with a really open weave. I dyed it with some leftover Rit dye in “wine” from my yarn project (I just used the directions for stove top dyeing on the bottle of Rit dye, however I didn’t use as much dye as suggest since I didn’t want it to go super dark).

Then I cut the fabric into a square and trimmed the raw edges, *not* the folded edge (pinning immediately after cutting to keep the edges together) and used some gorgeous bias binding I got from Pacific Fabrics a couple weeks ago. and bound it like I would a quilt around the raw edges (leaving the top folded edge unbound).

I’m a huge fan of neckerchiefs and this one is going to be perfect for transitioning into spring!

Make It Wear It - Linen Neckerchief

Make It Wear It - Linen Neckerchief

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