{Tutorial} Spring Socks Dye Recipe

DIY Yarn Dye

DIY Yarn Dye

DIY Yarn Dye

DIY Yarn Dye

It’s Spring!!! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the tulips are blooming!

I have been loving my hand-knit socks you guys! Seriously so soft and warm. I realized when I pulled out my other skein to start dying that I had incorrectly stated that I used the BFL sock yarn but actually the bag says it’s MCN 4-ply sock yarn.…oops! I think Dharma Trading Co was out of stock of the BFL when I originally purchased them.

The MCN yarn is a blend of merino, cashmere and nylon so bonus!! No wonder they are so luxurious! Haha! One sock even got accidentally washed and dried by machine and they are still amazing! I was also pleased to discover that after washing they did shrink up a bit and the tiny bit of looseness that I noticed before is totally gone.

On to this next batch! I wanted to dye this yarn a really pale pretty green and was inspired by the tulips I bought the other day to add some sprinkles of pink in there for fun. I love how they turned out! I am determined to finish up the 2 knitting projects I have on the needles before I start another pair of socks though, so this skein will just have to wait a bit.

Spring sock recipe:

If you haven’t read my Get Started with Yarn Dyeing post, read that first!

1 Skein Undyed Sock Wool
1 bottle Rit Dye in Apple Green (liquid)
1 box Rit Dye in Fushia (powdered)
Stainless steel pot
Dust mask and gloves

  1. Soak your wool in tepid water for about an hour…pressing out all the air bubbles until it stays mostly submerged.
  2. Fill your pot with about 1/2 inch of tepid water and add Green dye a few drops at a time until water is a light green (I probably added about 1/2 tsp or so). Swish around the water until mixed well.
  3. Add yarn to pot  and swirl around gently until yarn is mostly covered.
  4. Bring pot to a simmer over medium heat then remove from heat. At this point don’t move the pot until you are completely done and the water has returned to room temp.
  5. In a separate glass mixing cup, add 1 cup water and a bit more dye than used for the pot water (you want the color a touch darker than what is in the pot). pour into pot in small sections depending on how much variegation you want.
  6. You should be left with some yarn that is not submerged in dye. Using a spoon and the powdered fushia dye (and wearing a dust mask and gloves) sprinkle dye about 1/8th of a tsp at a time on the yarn that is peeking out of the water.
  7. Let pot cool to room temperature, then remove, and wash gently with a gentle detergent and tepid water.
  8. Press gently in a clean towel and hang to dry.

Then buy yourself some tulips and take some pretty pictures and show me so I can see! 🙂

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  1. Melanie

    Saving this for future reference. Last time I dyed yarn it wasn’t as pretty. ?


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